St Michael's Centre Fulham is situated on the Townmead Road in Sands End, Fulham. St Michael's was orignally built as a church but has been used as a youth club on and off for the past  fifty years and was re-named as the Townmead Youth Club. In 2011 when goverment funding was cut, two local churches, St Matthew's and Christ Church Fulham took over the running of the project. The original name St Michael's was reinstated. We have been open at St Michae'ls for just over three years. At St Michael's we have a strong Christian ethos. We have an 'opt in culture' to any teaching on the Christian faith.  We are open and inclusive to all races, gender, cultures, sexual orientation and religions. 


Our goal is to equip people with skills for life within a positive and nurturing community. We do this by running several enjoyable activities, some educational, some for health and fitness but most activities are there just for young people to  build positive relationships, have fun and enjoy themselves.


We use the valuable time we have with the young people to encourage them to get involved in things they usually wouldn't do or don't have the opportunity to do.  We focus on the self worth of the young people and the future role that they will play in the community whilst always reminding them of their potentials and opportunities.

The Team

At St Michael's we have a strong team made up of the Trustees, the Centre Manager, two youth workers and a dedicated team of volunteers. We all work together to create a safe, relaxed and fun environment for the young people so they can enjoy themselves away from fear and judgement.


No one here is afraid to get a little bit silly at times but the whole team is reliable, competent and approachable for serious matters, whether it's stepping in to calm down a disagreement or sitting and giving advice for hopes and dreams or any concerns a young person may have.

William Howard
Douglas Joseph