Activities and Services

Every youth night we run football. Games and formats change depending on turn out.

We open up the music room reguarly to give young people the chance to make a piece of music with the equipment that we have but we are hoping to be able to run a course for the young people in due time.

Occasionally we run pamper sessions where young people have the chance to be pampered with pedicures or manicures and other various beauty products.

 We consider art very important at St Michaels so we often have a group project for young people to get involved in. We also have a range of various styles of art work to partake in, ranging from scuplting and model making to crafts and making jewelery. We also make sure we have pencils and paints out each session for free drawing from thier own ideas.

Pool, table tennis and fussball are on every youth night at the club with occasional tournaments.​



Music recording and producing

Pamper sessions

Pool, table tennis and fussball

General Art

We provide food for free every week with a big cook every other week. When there is food to be prepared we do this in front of the young people and always encourage them to get involved and help. We also give young people experience in cooking to prepare simple snacks. Free drinks are provided all evening.​

The young people have access too the internet through laptops free for them to use.

At our tuckshop we do our best to provide healthy but enjoyable snacks and drinks. We also encourage the young people to take turns in running the tuckshop for a few weeks at a time.​

Cooking and eating


Tuck shop